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What makes my classes stand out?I put special emphasis on functional movement

and breath, I use the tools of Therapeutic Yoga, Fascial Yoga, Myofascial Self-Massage and Nervous System Training. Such a holistic approach has a positive effect on the body and mind, improving balance, mobility and well-being, preventing injuries and preparing the body for the challenges of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

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"I am very happy that I came across Kamila and her yoga/mobility classes on the beach. I needed some sort of activity in which I would be able to connect with myself after sitting all day behind the desk. The classes are completely tailored to my needs and Kamila shows me very useful and important movements that I can include in my daily life. She is very experienced and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. It is great to see her love what she does which I definitely feel and see when practising with her. Kamila’s beach yoga is also very soothing, with palm trees and blue sky above you, and personally the best part for me is the end with the sound of chimes, that is always a cherry on top. Highly recommended."


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