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Miło Cię widzieć!

My name is Kamila Apryas.

I love yoga, anatomy and travelling.

I'm glad you're here! Check below why you should trust me and sign up for online classes.

About me

I am a Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified yoga teacher, Blackroll® trainer, aerial yoga instructor and personal trainer.


I am fortunate to learn all the time from inspiring teachers and experts in the above fields. The opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with students gives me great satisfaction. In my classes, I combine a functional approach, working on fascia tapes and the benefits of yoga.


During practice with me you will relax muscle tension, improve mobility and sense of balance. Not only will you strengthen your body and take care of your spine, but you will also learn relaxation and rolling techniques, i.e. myofascial self-massage. This is the perfect way to find balance and train mindfulness in the reality that surrounds us. It's time to put yourself first and take care of your well-being!​


  • Over 280 hours of on-site and online yoga teaching, including teaching Myofascial Tape Rolling and Anatomy and Sequencing Courses for Future Yoga Teachers (TTC)

  • Since 2020, I have been conducting Yoga&Rolling classes and workshops according to my original method

  • At Ewa Jaros's Astanga Yoga Studio in Warsaw, I conducted classes and courses in the following styles: Ashtanga Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Lunar Yoga with Yin elements, Healthy Spine, Yoga&Rolling

  • In 2021, I created my own "Yoga from scratch" program - 15 classes that restore harmony to the whole body, commissioned by

Completed courses, trainings, workshops

Szkolenia i warsztaty:

  • 2022 - Ayurveda Yoga - The art of creating sequences

  • 2022 - Basics of Ayurveda - Olala Yoga&Pilates School (certificate)

  • 2022 - Yoga Flow - Creative Sequences - Olala Yoga&Pilates School (certificate)

  • 2022 - Workshop on Neurostreching

  • 2022 - Reversal Workshop

  • 2022 - Therapeutic Yoga - Olala Yoga&Pilates School (certificate)

  • 2022 - Sound massage according to the Peter Hess method - 1st and 2nd degree training -  Peter Hess Akademia (certificate)

  • 2022 - John & Julia Scott - BREATH OF LIFE Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshops

  • 2022 - Autotherapy of the vagus nerve

  • 2022 - Love the bends! Yoga workshops with Ada Suska - anatomy, practice, corrections

  • 2022 - Blackroll Yoga (certificate)

  • 2021 - Blackroll Correctives (certificate)

  • 2021 - Psychophysiotherapy of back pain

  • 2021 - The limbic system and chronic pain

  • 2021 - Face Yoga - Workshop with Agata Radniecka VizagoJoga

  • 2021 - Zoga Movement - Workshop with Alfonso Cazenave

  • 2021 – Aerial Yoga Instructor (certificate)

  • 2020 – Yoga Teacher RYT200 (certificate)

  • 2020 - Blackroll Trainer (certificate)

  • 2019 – Personal Trainer (certificate)

  • 2019 – Yoga and dietetics instructor (certificate)

  • 2019 - Healthy intestines lvl 1 & 2. How to reduce the risk of obesity and civilization diseases by taking care of the intestines

  • 2018 - Metabolic disorders lvl 1

  • 2023 - NeuroYoga Workshop

  • 2023 - Medytacja i techniki relaksacyjne

  • 2022 - Siła i mobilność obręczy barkowej - Kurs z Ewą Maćkowiak

  • 2022 - Ajurweda Joga - Sztuka tworzenia sekwencji

  • 2022 - Warsztaty z Neurostrechingu

  • 2022 - Warsztat pozycji odwróconych

  • 2022 - John & Julia Scott – BREATH OF LIFE Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshops

  • 2022 - Autoterapia nerwu błędnego

  • 2022 - Pokochaj wygięcia! Warsztaty jogowe z Adą Suską - anatomia, praktyka, korekty

  • 2021 - Psychofizjoterapia bólu pleców

  • 2021 - Układ limbiczny, a przewlekły ból

  • 2021 - Joga twarzy - Warsztat z Agatą Radniecką VizagoJoga

  • 2021 - Zoga Movement - Warsztat z Alfonso Cazenave

  • 2019 - Zdrowe jelita lvl 1 & 2. Jak zmniejszyć ryzyko otyłości i chorób cywilizacyjnych dbając o jelita

  • 2018 - Zaburzenia metaboliczne lvl 1


I am very happy that I came across Kamila and her yoga/mobility classes on the beach. I needed some sort of activity in which I would be able to connect with myself after sitting all day behind the desk. The classes are completely tailored to my needs and Kamila shows me very useful and important movements that I can include in my daily life. She is very experienced and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. It is great to see her love what she does which I definitely feel and see when practising with her. Kamila’s beach yoga is also very soothing, with palm trees and blue sky above you, and personally the best part for me is the end with the sound of chimes, that is always a cherry on top. Highly recommended.


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